Feb 6, 2011

52 weeks... Week 1

So I am changing it up a little bit.  Instead of doing a photo everyday, this month I am going to do a weekly post on what happen the week before.  So to start it out, I had a BIG week. 

First thing, I found out I am going to be an auntie :-).  It was my moms birthday, and Anna and Luke decided to pop over Sunday night, and give my mom her birthday present.  Well one of the presents happened to be bibs!

On Thursday, I finally got my new car!! A 2009 Chevy Malibu, and it is just gorgeous!  My old car was great, it got me through college and never let me down, but it was definitely on its last leg, I couldn't even beginning to describe the problems it had.  I would like to introduce Miss May Berry...

The last most important thing that happen this week... GREEN BAY SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!! Thats right, I am so proud of my Packers, and I am so excited to be a Packer fan!  Here we have Mr. Romeo showing off his Packer attire! :-)

I have a feeling next week won't be as filled as this week, but I will do my best!!  I love the comments, so please do so!  Have a great week every one!


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