About Me

Have you ever walked to the top of a mountain and took in the view?  Or have you ever sat on the roof of you house and watched the sun go down.  The feelings you get are unbelieveable.  Chills up your arm, heavy sighs, the feeling that your floating, and you can't stop smiling.  All of this is what I feel when I am behind the camera.

I get the chance to meet so many new people, here so many neat stories, and capture the most precious moments.

The best moments of any session are when the bride and groom forget I am around, the parents craddle their child without any idea they are being photographed, or when a senior can't help but laugh at my jokes that don't make any sense.  These moments are unstage, they are completely real

I am a lifestyle photographer that loves capturing the true lives of those I am photographing.  I love to capture the moment and turn it into a memory.