Aug 31, 2010

Lansboro MN

I spent the last 5 days enjoying the bluffs of Minnesota, cool breeze, the smell of coffee and homemade candles.  I floated down the Root River, while dipping my feet in the cool water and soaking up the warm sun.  I window shopped, tasted some amazing wine, and spent three hours painting a mug at a pottery shop.  I walked through historical Lansboro, and wished walls could talk.  I walked the streets of a town known for its bed and breakfasts, and slept in the most retro room of all. Vintage malls, museums, and victorian houses.  The view anyone would die to see.  I spent the last 5 days enjoying life.

A Jodi House :-)
There were some neat retro objects in the bed and breakfast we stayed at

The dinning room of the Bed and Breakfast (Grandmas's Inn)
The living room

The living room to the west room... I love the reds!
All of these knickknacks in this bed and breakfast were left from the previous owner.  The Grandma Inn was added on 13 times!  
One of the neat shops in Lansboro

This is what Brent and his dad caught the first day they went fishing

The very last fish Brent caught was this 20in trout!  According to a book we found in Lansboro, any trout
above 18 inches is only a figment of our imaginations!  Brent is not dreaming :-)

We stopped in Spring Valley where Brent's mom went to a great quilt shop.  While she was shopping we went for a walk near this :-)
Brent's dream fish :-)
We stopped in Preston on our way back to Lansboro, and we saw this car, it has two front ends!
We totally wanted to each take a wheel and see what way we would end up going.. :-)
So pretty!

On our way down to Platteville, we stopped at a look out in Guttenberg, and this is the view we got to see! 

I had such a great time, and would definitely do it again.  It is amazing what the back roads, and the small towns have to offer!

Aug 25, 2010

My new business cards!

I have been organizing and creating new marketing pieces for the new year, and I have finally ordered new business cards!!  How fun :-)

Senior 2011 :. Hannah

I am so excited to introduce you to Hannah.  She is such a smart, bright young women who loves softball and is excited for life after high school.  She has plans for herself, and I am so excited to hear about her successes!  I had met Hannah a long time ago in the little town of Halder.  I spent my best days as a kid playing softball in Halder, and Hannah is so lucky to say she still is a part of this softball league.  You truly are an amazing young women.  Congratulations on the high school graduation to come, and best of luck to your future!
Meet Kasha!  Hannah's pride and joy

One thing I have learned about Hannah, is that she never matches her socks!!
Think about it, why does it matter, nobody sees what's in your shoes!