Mar 31, 2010

Romeo and adventures!!

Heres a little random. I got to capture a few of Romeo's good sides, along with a few cows from the Pioneer Farm. I'm starting to play more with different presets, some that I made myself and some I was so lucky to receive from some friends! Hope you like my randoms!

Mar 26, 2010

Teresa and Rich

Congratulations to Teresa and Rich!  I had such a great time with them!!  They definitely make a perfect couple!  I can't wait to share in their special day!

Mar 6, 2010

My honey and I spend a whole day in Galena Illinois, and Dubuque Iowa! It was one of the first warmer days of the year (from Wisconsin's point of view!). The first two images are from Dubuque. This was later in the evening, we caught the sun coming down, and the silhouettes of the duck.... beautiful! The third image is of a liquar and beer store sign.... interesting how they want to get the family involved! The next three images of from Galena. This time, we visited the old town part of Galena, it was really neat!! I was not able to get as many photographs as I had hoped, but next time, I will have a lot to show... and I will go again soon!