Sep 28, 2011

Brett :. 2012 Senior

Brett is truly talented, and such a wonderful young man to get to know.  He loves music, drawing, professional bow hunting, and of course his puppy.  Brett has a collection of instruments, and loves each one the same.  This young man has dreams, and I can see him making his dreams come true.  It was so much fun photographing his senior pictures, I wish you the best!  J

And a fun one.. looks like something out of a book or movie :-)
He is so talented he could even make his own band!

Sep 25, 2011

Ray :. 2012 Senior

I had a blast photographing Ray a couple weeks ago!  He is all about football, and completely genuine.  He has goals and a great head on his shoulders!  It was so nice to get to know Ray, good luck in everything you do!

Sep 24, 2011

Justin and Kelly :. Engaged!

It is a pure joy to me when people so close to me ask that I document their love.  I have known Kelly and Gilly (Justin) since the day I started school (pre-school that is).  We all laughed together, grown together, and now here we are getting ready to share in the celebration of marriage.  I am truly happy and excited to be able to be the one to capture your wedding day!  You are a joy, and you have love that will continue to grow!  Congratulations you two!