Apr 17, 2011

Flip Book

So I am adding a little spice to my website, and decided I needed some form of photograph on my "about me" page.  I wanted a photograph that told a lot, so I decided why not throw a bunch of photographs together to make one movie clip!  So I took a test video, and came up with this... I am making one more that will appear on my "About me" page, so keep an eye out for it!

Apr 10, 2011

Personal Favorites

I thought I would take today to talk a little bit about my favorite things.  I feel it is very important for any of my clients to know me.  I want potential clients to choose me because we have things in common, and because we work well together.  I have built this business on a passion I have, and I want to share this passion with those that feel it the same way I do.

The past couple of days, I have been doing a lot of thinking about who I am as a person, and how I can incorporate that into my business.  I find it very important for my personality and me as a whole to be a major part of my business.  Many people can pick up a camera, and many people can edit a photograph, but it is the person behind that camera that makes the photography EXPERIENCE different.  The experience is key.  I want every client that I work with to have a great EXPERIENCE.

Personality and trust are huge, and I want my future clients to be able to trust in me, and to really enjoy my personality.  If they can do that, then the photographs are a memory made from that EXPERIENCE.

Take a look at who I am, and see for yourself if we are a perfect match!

I love VINTAGE....
It is so much fun to dig through an old box and find some hidden treasures.  Finding an old photograph that has a story behind it.  Old books, jars, suitcases, glasses, or fabric.  All of these things can be an accent in any photograph.  Old goes hand in hand with memories, and a complete story. 

       Open FIELDS...
 As a little girl growing up on a farm, I had many opportunities to look out into the open fields.  I see fields, and it makes me want to just run.  Fields symbolize a breath of fresh air, a life with endless opportunities.  

I love to BAKE....
I never was a good cook, but I always seemed to have a grip on baking.  I loved to find new recipes, and dig through cooking magazines to find new ideas.  

I love to see people smile, and laugh.  To me, laughing is the cure for anything, and smiling brightens a day.  I have been called giggles in my day, possibly because I can't help but laugh.

One of my favorite drinks in the world is coffee!  I use to hate the taste of it, but now I can not get enough!

I have been dancing for 19 years!  Unreal :-).... I love every minute of it.  I believe dancing is not only a way to help relieve stress, but it is also a way to let who you are shine. 

I love Neutral colors with a splash of bright....
For clothing or decorating, I love to use neutral colors, and then one bright color to be pulled in.  Orange is my favorite colors, possibly because of the warmth it gives off.

One thing that I have to admit, is the fact that I have the worst sweet tooth.  I often say I have a second stomach strictly for sweets.  If someone offers me dessert even though I am completely full, I can not pass it up!  My favorite, plain cheesecake.. mmm!

There are so many other things I love, a few more being:

Forever 21
My Dog Romeo
Rummage saling
Inspirational music (Country)
Sleeping through thunderstorms
Trying new things
Cooking Network
Sitting on the dock, watching the water blow, and the loon sing
Driving to new locations

Apr 5, 2011

Self Portrait, Just for Fun

It is one of those days, where I just couldn't find anything to do, until I noticed the sun peeking through the blinds ever so nicely :-)

Apr 3, 2011

This week on Playing in the Dirt

It has been about 7 weeks since my mom and I have planted our plants, and let me tell you, they were definitely ready to be transplanted!  Our tomato plants were bright green, smelling herbal, and about 6 inches tall!  Last year at this time, I had nothing growing... I am so excited to see the produce.  (as long as the snow is willing to disappear until next winter)!

First photo up..... REPLANTING....YEAH!

Next..... 4 WEEKS AGO...

Drum roll please.............. AFTER 7 WEEKS...

These are the baby tomatoes!