Jan 2, 2011

365 Day Project :. Day Two

Alright, it was an extremely busy but exciting day!  Out of my fun fill day, I was able to capture a very special photograph.  Maybe to you it is very plain Jane, but this image, along with this jersey mean a lot to me!

Before this year, I never payed attention to the Packers, let alone football, but for some reason this year, I can't keep my eyes off the TV when the Packers play.  At the end of last season, my honey Brent bought me a Driver jersey, and I was so very excited to finally wear it this season, and let me tell you, I wore it every game! 

The Packers played a very important game tonight, and they definitely proved themselves!  This game not only showed the Packers fans how dedicated the Packers are, but it also put the Packers into the play offs!  I can not wait to put my jersey back on next Sunday when the Packers take on the Eagles!! I am proud to be a Packer fan.... GO PACK GO!


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