Jan 28, 2011

365 day project :. Day 28

Today I had a fruit tooth.. You know when you say sweet tooth, well I had a fruit tooth.  Crazy right?  I usually crave the candy bar or the dark chocolate, but when I am handed a jar of peanut butter and an apple, I go crazy... If I had to have one last meal, you better bet your bottom that it would include peanut butter!!.. alright I am totally rambling now, because this photo of the day has NOTHING to do with peanut butter, its about fruit, the mango to be exact. 

Have you ever actually cracked open a mango and ate it? I'm not talking mango juice or mango flavored smoothies, I'm talking the real thing!  First thing to note about mangos... don't try and eat one when you are dying of hunger, they can be a little difficult to get into.  Second thing, they are not as sweet as one may think.  The are, what my mom and I, would compare to a light peach.  It tastes good plain, or with a dash of cherry sauce :-).  Try it out, and let me know what you think!


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