Jan 18, 2011

365 day Project:. Day 18

Again the feature of my photos is my lovely Romeo.  And I have a reason!  I was all ready to take the photo of the day when I heard whinning, again!  I finally realized why Romeo whines all the time (maybe not all).  Whenever I have my camera in my hand, Romeo assumes we are going outside for a photo shoot.

Back on Day 1, I brought Romeo out with me to help take my photo of the day, and we had a BLAST playing in the snow, ever since that day, he whines every time I take my camera out!  I couldn't help myself today, I got a collection of photographs of him "whining".. If you listen closely you will hear him :-)

PS don't mind the blur, he totally caught me off guard!

Here he COMES!! hehe
Checking out the camera
OH and he realized... ITS THE CAMERA!


Do you hear it??
Now the YELL! haha and the stare down :-)


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