Oct 12, 2011

Blessing's in The world

So as most of you might know, I became an auntie about a week ago.  My big sister became a mom, and my brother became Uncle Ben (not like the rice ;-)).  Before Katherine Elizabeth was born into this world, pregnancy scared me a little bit, but after witnessing the birth of my niece, I realized how much of a blessing babies truly are.  That moment when the doctor yells "It's a girl," and I see the look on my sisters face.  Life stands still for a moment, and everyone takes it all in.  A moment that we never could imagine until then. 

Katherine is the first niece, so it was that special.  Having my sister only be two years older than me, and watching her very closely as I grew up, she always was my idol.  So to watch that moment made me so very proud, and made me reminisce for a little bit.  My wonderful sister is now a mommy.  Congratulations Anna and Luke, you two will make two wonderful parents! 


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