Sep 15, 2011

Paul and Mitchell :. 2012 Seniors

Never in a million years did I think I would photograph twins for a senior session, but boy was I wrong.  Right when they arrived, I was so afraid they would pull a prank on me, switch shoes, pretend they were the other, you know what I mean! ha.. But no, they were completely them, silly, relaxed, and completely nice!  It was definitely a challenge trying to keep the two apart, but finally I realized Mitchell like the color blue more, he wore blue the most.  Other than that, if they both had the same outfit on, I don't think I would be able to tell them apart!  Over all, I had such a blast with these two, and I have to say it was so much fun, I would not mind photographing twins again sometime soon!  Good luck the two of you!  ....

The challenge, keep the two apart! HA!

Meet Paul!
Meet Mitchell!


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