Sep 11, 2011

Claire and Will :. Starstruck Love Story

What an amazing couple.  I spent a beautiful day driving around Stevens Point with these two.  Learning about them as a couple.  Will lives for Starbucks, so we of course had to start our adventures at Starbucks.  They brought along one of their favorite things to do together, crossword puzzles.  The neatest thing, was the first question they answered was "Marriage Vows", and of course they said "I Do!" 

After sipping down a cup of coffee, we stopped at a near park.  We walked within the woods, but soon found ourselves being eaten alive by mosquitoes! It is funny after the fact, but was quite painful during!  We decided to get out of that park as fast as we could, and find ourselves another park.  This park was 100% better.  Peaceful water, a flock of ducks, and a beautiful sunset.  Before we left the park, they enjoyed a read out of a very special book of theirs.  Claire's father wrote a book called "Love in an Expanding Universe" quite appropriate I would say!

Our final stop was downtown Stevens Point, the more historical part, where we found many painted walls, and a fun water fountain.  Over all, I could not have imagined a more perfect day.  Claire's vision matched mine perfectly, and their adorable love for each other made me so very excited.  I am so excited to be apart of their starstruck wedding next year!! Congratulations!

Dang Mosquitoes
"Be the Flower"  We loved the wall art!


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