Dec 28, 2010

Mr. Romeo and my view

I really want to start out my new year practicing and exploring the world around me.  I thought I would start early!  I was suppose to be spending my day cleaning from my move, but no I got side tracked!  Romeo and I were home alone, and as I looked out my window, I saw the most beautiful thing!

First of all, my backyard in the beauty of all dreams!  The gorgeous Rib Mountain surrounded by trees.  Every season brings a new feel to my backyard.  Today, happened to be one of those special feels.  Snow dusted trees, with a layer of clouds covering the top of the mountain.

This view prevented me from getting any cleaning done! I had to pick up my camera, and trot through the snow, but of course I couldn't keep Romeo inside all by himself, so he joined me :-)

One thing you have to know about my little dog is that he loves attention, and he loves the snow.  When you put the two together, there is no stopping him.  Lets just say he was showing off to the camera!

He just couldn't keep his feet on the ground!


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