Aug 25, 2010

Senior 2011 :. Hannah

I am so excited to introduce you to Hannah.  She is such a smart, bright young women who loves softball and is excited for life after high school.  She has plans for herself, and I am so excited to hear about her successes!  I had met Hannah a long time ago in the little town of Halder.  I spent my best days as a kid playing softball in Halder, and Hannah is so lucky to say she still is a part of this softball league.  You truly are an amazing young women.  Congratulations on the high school graduation to come, and best of luck to your future!
Meet Kasha!  Hannah's pride and joy

One thing I have learned about Hannah, is that she never matches her socks!!
Think about it, why does it matter, nobody sees what's in your shoes!


Barb said...

Great Job Jodi!!! Hannah, you look so good and Kasha doesn't look to bad either!?!?!? Now comes the hard part...choosing or you could just get ALL of them!!!!!

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