Aug 11, 2010

Day on the Farm!

It is amazing the things you find or come up with when living on a farm.  One thing I have learned from living on the farm, is that every little thing is so unique.  Everything I find has a special beauty to it, that words just can't describe.  Examples?  Apples!  My sister came home to visit, and she brought with her a present!!  A apple catcher for those apples you can never reach on the top.  Well, Anna's mission, to get the apple on the very top.  I never would have thought I would have spent my afternoon laughing and having a great time over a new toy and apples!!

Another gem that can be found on any farm..... a spider! Yes I know, yuck! but, as yucky as spiders may seem, they are fascinating creators.  I found a white spider nestled in his finely spun web.  The sun was setting just right, that the web glistened!  It was beautiful!  Just seeing the spider sit smack dab in the middle, being proud of the web he just spun! aha


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