Mar 31, 2011


Last weekend I got the privilege to go to Chicago for the FIRST TIME with two of my very good friends! and it was AWESOME.  Nothing like Wausau, but definitely a different world, and I am so glad I got to be a part of it for a weekend. 

It is amazing to notice the difference in cultures from Wausau to Chicago.  From the eating habits, to the wardrobe, to even the job.  It was so fascinating to watch the variety of different people, and to compare Chicago to Wausau.

We stopped at many a wonderful pizza place (if you go to Chicago, you have to try some pizza!), we also stopped at a cheesecake factory, a couple relaxed clubs, and a lot of shopping areas.  We also got to see Chicago from above, and taste some really tasty espressos!  I can't wait to go back again. 

A little shot of our room!

an awesome phone on our floor :-)

A night view from our room

And again

A day shot from our room

Our first place to stop for food was Lou Malrati's.  A MUST!  It was the best pizza, and the best beer :-)
Appetizer of brochette

Our buttermilk crust, deep dish, Chicago style pizza..mmm

Our Chocolate Chip Cookie pizza dessert!

We stopped in the glorious building (Trumpeter hotel (?)) to take a few pictures from above
One of the hallways in this building

A view of the Navy Pier

The next morning we stopped at the Hancock Building to view Chicago from above

A must stop, you learn a lot from this trip... I bet you don't know why Chicago is called the
"windy city," and no it is not because it is windy... You may have to go and find out! :-)

If you look way out by the coast you will see Wisconsin!

While we were up there,
we got some yummy espressos!

For lunch that day we stopped at Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba! another must stop!

A bloody Mary bar

Had to throw this in!

First meal, stuffed mushrooms

Nest, lamb with almonds and spinach

drum roll.... SQUID!  ... not bad though :-)

Chicken and chick peas

Goat cheese and tomato sauce

For dinner we stopped at the Hard Rock Cafe, and we took a look around, so cool.

Yup that's a tennis court on the roof!



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