Oct 4, 2010

Fun Friday :. Cassville

Brent and I came up with a new thing to do every Friday (if possible of course).  We have decided to pick a direction and drive and stop in nearby cities and explore.  This past Friday, we choose to drive west, and we came to a city called Cassville.  Cassville is where Wisconsin's first governor is from, Nelson Dewey.  In Cassville is a park called Nelson Dewey State Park.  This park was Nelson Dewey's original land, and boy was he a lucky man.

If you drive up this park to the very top, you will see something you don't see everyday.  I am from Wausau WI, and we have a great peek to climb and view the city from, but Granite Peek is nothing compared to Nelson Dewey State Park.  The view from the top is only tops of trees and the mighty Mississippi.  It is breath taking.  If  you ever get a chance to stop in Cassville, don't hesitate!

Life is a gift, and if you don't take every chance you can to explore life, you are not living.  If you have a free day, hop in your car and drive, bring along a camera and capture the moment.  Although, sometimes pictures can't capture what the eye can see.  Although if you do it right, a photograph will be a memory for a lifetime.  A photograph will allow you to visit your greatest memories and past times even when those memories are a million miles away.  Appreciate life and thank God everyday for the gifts he gives you!

After stopping in Cassville, we stopped in Dickeyville and came across The Holy Ghost Park.  This park is made of stones and shells.  It was very neat, although I would love to see it during the day :-)


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