Sep 18, 2010

Hidden treasures

It is pretty amazing what you can come across when you simply drive around.  Brent and I decided to take a day to ourselves and drive around the area near Platteville, WI and see what we find.  We started driving south through Hazel Green, when we came across a rummage sale.  I love to go rummage sale-ling. You never know what you are going to come across.  We found 2 old wine glasses!

After we left Hazel Green, we came across a small town called Sinsinawa.  We drove into this town and saw a huge building on a mound.  We drove up to it and realized it was a college called St. Clara college.  This college was build for women who wanted to dedicate their lives to prayer and teaching.  As we entered the gate to the college, we drove back to a cemetery.  This cemetery included all of the sister's that attended St. Clara college.  It was so neat how every stone was identical, and they went in order by date.

As we continued driving through the college grounds, we came up to what is called a Labyrinth.  This tool is used to help ease the mind and help people become at peace.  You walk through the Labyrinth like a maze.  The Labyrinth is suppose to represent your life.  Once you get to the end, you are suppose to feel relaxed and content with yourself.

Brent and I gave it a try.  We started walking through the Labyrinth and couldn't believe how long it took and realized it definitely could represent our lives.  We felt a little silly when a car drove by! :-)

The final part we looked at was a small building back in the woods.  On the building was the word Doe, and three picures that we had no idea what their meanings were.  Near this small house was a large field that had rotting apples on it, spread out like a food plot.  Along side this field was a lonely bench surrounded by bushes.  This building was interesting, yet scary.  It almost seemed as if someone lived there.  I kindly asked Brent to step in front of the door so I could take a picture of him, he pointed out the door that was cracked open!  We were too afraid someone might snatch him while we were taking the picture!

While Brent marched through one of the fields, he collected some unwanted burrs on his shirt!! We had to add this photo to give you every little detail we could.

 Finally a few photos Brent took while venturing down by a trout stream he spotted.....


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